The Cattle Breeding Farm was established at Ramatherdham during the year 1980 vide G.O.Ms. No.20, Forest and Rural Development (A.H.III) Department dated 10.01.1980., and later shifted to the present location at Chadalawada on 31st March, 2001 vide G.O.Ms No.23, dated 22.02.1999.

The Cattle Breeding Farm, Chadalawada has been transferred to the control of Andhra Pradesh Livestock Development Agency (APLDA), Hyderabad on 03.03.2015 from the Department of Animal Husbandry.

Objectives of the Farm:

1)   To stock 200 adult units of the best of the Ongole Cattle for selective breeding.

2)   To produce choice of Ongole breeding bulls for regenerating the Ongole breed.

3)   To undertake testing and selection of bulls for bringing genetic improvement in population involved.

At present, 310 Ongole cattle are available in the farm and the extent of land is about 200 acres in which improved varieties of fodder are under cultivation.

The Cattle Breeding Farm, Chadalawada is headed by an Assistant Director (AH) and presently Dr Ch. Venkat Reddy, AD (AH) is looking after the farm.